The complete guide on how to send a company device for your remote hire in the Philippines 2023.

With the rise of remote-hybrid work setup many companies opt to turn their company operations into a remote work setup. Here’s a complete guide on how to send a company device for your remote hires in the Philippines.

Capital city



Philippine peso (₱, PHP)

Languages spoken

Filipino, English

What is the culture of work of the people in the Philippines?

The Philippines is a cultural hotpot of both the East and West mixed together. The Filipino people have a distinct Asian background, with a strong Western tradition. (CSUB)

Filipinos in general have a decent knowledge of the English language, in fact English is the second language of most Filipinos.

Is it okay to send a package internationally to the Philippines

Shipping to the Philippines is quite an easy thing even if it’s from international shipment. The Philippines has a decent way of handling logistics from abroad due to the fact that most Filipinos who work abroad tend to send monthly or yearly packages or “padala”.

If the package comes from the USA or Europe, choosing between DHL and UPS are the two best options to choose from.

How much does the shipping cost to send from USA to the Philippines

Typical shipping cost of sending a package to the Philippines costs around $50 - $60 by UPS Worldwide Expedited. Price may rise depending on what weight of the package and the season of the shipment.

Shipping Costs






Delivery Service

UPS Worldwide Expedited

3 - 5 days

$50 - $60

Best Rated


Delivery Service

USPS Priority International

5 - 8 days

$80 - $90

Above Average


Delivery Service

DHL Express Worldwide

3 - 8 days

$500 - $600

Best Rated


Delivery Service

FedEx International Priority

3 - 5 days

$200 - $300


What local tax duties are involved when sending a package to the Philippines

Apart from shipping fees, the receiver will have to pay a flat 12% import tax of the total value of the package being delivered. There may also be a small amount of charge for the customs clearance which is around $4 – $10.

How to securely setup the company device for sending company data

Security regarding your company profiles are a huge concern for employers in the remote work setup, Swifteam’s MDM Software empowers you to remotely deliver everything that your remote hires need to get started – security, software, apps and accounts. As your employee gets to work, you’ll rest easy knowing your company IP is secure.

Swifteam also enables you to have the ability to remotely track devices in case they are ever lost or stolen. It also helps you empower your team to create healthy work habits and keep productivity high while ensuring apps aren’t going unused, posing a possible security threat.

How to retrieve company devices from your remote hires

Swifteam makes your offboarding process much easier with Employee Device Offboarding. You can remotely lock and wipe company data from the company device, and decommission the device for safety concerns.

Swifteam helps you ensure the return of the device using a prepaid box and return label which will be shipped directly to your remote hire’s address. After retrieving the company devices you can have it shipped directly to your HQ or store it in our safety warehouse which can then be ready to be delivered to your new remote hire.

Create a Better Device Experience for All

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