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Swif Compliance for Vanta & Drata

Easily track security compliance across devices within your organization

Add Compliance automation

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Monitor security compliance in real time

Track security compliance across all devices within your organization, get real-time updates on security status, identify potential risks, and take proactive measures to protect your company's data.


Automate compliance tracking

Swif’s integration with Vanta & Drata lets you scan devices within your organization automatically, helping you stay updated on your security status without the hassle of manual tracking.


Protect your company's data

Identify and address security risks with real-time alerts and automatic compliance tracking before they become data breaches or compliance violations.

Access Management

Swif supports over 100 apps to track granting and revoking user access

For detailed step-by-step instructions on setting up the Swif Compliance for Vanta and Drata, please visit our Help Center

Swif for Vanta

Automatically populate your Vanta dashboard with device information

Monitor your devices for security vulnerabilities and compliance gaps

Swif's onboarding and offboarding for employees

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Swif for Drata

Automatically sync your device inventory for compliance reports

Easily monitor the compliance status of your devices

Swif's onboarding and offboarding for employees

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Other Swif integration

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