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Live Terminal

Efficient Troubleshooting, Anytime, Anywhere

Swif's Command-Line Interface (CLI) empowers you to remotely run commands and swiftly troubleshoot issues on your team's computers


Effortlessly Solve Issues Remotely

Swiftly address problems on your team's Mac and Windows computers remotely from the comfort of your own device.


Work Together, Solve Together

One-click to launch a live terminal session with your team devices. Collaborate in real-time with your team members to resolve issues faster and meet project deadlines.

Getting started

Equip Live Terminal for your team

For detailed step-by-step instructions on using and accessing Live Terminal, please visit our Help Center.

Catch and Resolve Issues Remotely

Connect and Collaborate

Take control of your team's computers, collaborate seamlessly, and address issues proactively.

Streamlined Troubleshooting

Swiftly troubleshoot and execute remote commands with Live Terminal.

Time and Cost Savings

Minimize the need for costly travel and on-site IT support, resulting in increased efficiency and reduced operational expenses.

Use Swif for free

Use Swif for free if you have up to 5 employees. Get a custom quote based on your company's size.