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Access Management

Gain Control Over Account Access and Data Security

Keep track of all the account accesses distributed across your employees

Manage App Access

Streamlined User Access Management

Effortlessly grant, modify, or revoke user access to enhance security and streamline workflows.

Access Management

Swif supports over 100 apps to track granting and revoking user access


Comprehensive Auditing and Monitoring

Enjoy detailed auditing and monitoring capabilities, allowing you to track and review access events across your organization.

Powerful Cloud App Access Control

Streamlined User Management

Swif simplifies the activation and deactivation of access, ensuring your organization's data remains secure.

Enhanced Data Security

Swif empowers you to protect proprietary information and uphold the confidentiality of your organization.

Tailored for Modern Workflows

Adapt seamlessly to remote and hybrid work dynamics. Boosts productivity and security, catering to the demands of today's flexible work environments.

Use Swif for free

Use Swif for free if you have up to 5 employees. Get a custom quote based on your company's size.