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IT Disposition

Sustainable IT Device Disposition

Swif and Techreup join forces to offer a hassle-free IT device disposition solution. Techreup is an R2 certified partner, ensuring that your devices undergo proper data cleansing before they hit the resale market.

Guaranteed Erasure

Certified Data Clearing for Maximum IP Protection

We prioritize the safety of your devices data by employing certified data clearing and validation processes. This not only provides peace of mind but also ensures compliance with essential regulations. For your records, we provide you with a Certificate of Data Erasure.

Save Cost

Free Repair Services

Our expert technicians restore devices for free before resale, saving you the cost of replacements and reducing electronic waste.

Resale Device

Listed for Resale

Once your devices have undergone data clearing and repairs, they're given a second chance by being listed and sold on secondary marketplaces.


Get Money Back on Devices in Good Condition

Techreup's careful handling and restoration process ensures that your devices are ready to find new owners, making the most of their residual value.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the approximate range at which the laptops could be sold?
What is the commission charged for selling the laptop?
How will data be handled? Can you delete data on activation-locked laptops?
Is there a way to reset activation-locked laptops if we don’t have the password or the invoice?

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