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One-stop platform for your device security

Device management, relocation, and access control all in one place


Device Provision

Fast ordering and global shipping

Save up to 10% on your devices when you order devices directly on Swif.

Access Control

Auto Deploy Apps

Remotely Install and update apps that your team uses directly to their devices



Compliant with SOC 2 trust service principles

Top-notch Vanta/Drata integration to support your SOC2 compliance automation.

Policy management

Automated policy management

Set up your company device security policy in seconds.


Device Retrieval

Retrieve company devices easier

Simplify retrieving company devices from your offboarding remote employee’s address.

Relocate Devices

Equip your team 10x faster

Swiftly relocate company devices to new employees with one click of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Can I install the Swif agent via the existing MDM deployment?
Does Swif work with Mac and Windows?
Can Swif relocate company devices from remote employees?
How does Swif pricing work?

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