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Empower Your Cybersecurity with’s Advanced AI Solutions

Empower your organization cybersecurity defenses effortlessly with our advanced AI solutions, ensuring proactive defense with Shadow IT and breeze through compliance processes

Shadow IT Detection Made Simple


Automate Discovery

Utilize our Chrome extension to automatically detect and alert unauthorized cloud software usage across all devices, eliminating the need for costly SSO solutions or hardware modifications.


Enhanced Visibility

Gain comprehensive insights into your organization’s cloud software landscape, ensuring no application goes unnoticed and reducing the risks associated with Shadow IT.


Custom Alerts

Customize alert settings to immediately notify your IT team about unauthorized software usage, enabling swift action to safeguard your digital environment.

Accelerate Security Compliance with AI

Knowledge Base

Rapid Questionnaire Completion

Leverage our extensive device security database alongside your internal knowledge base to answer complex security questionnaires in seconds, not hours.

Time Saving

Boost Sales Cycle Efficiency

By streamlining the compliance process, your sales team can focus on what they do best—selling—without being bogged down by lengthy security approval processes.


Continuous Learning

Our AI continuously learns from your responses and the evolving cybersecurity landscape, making each questionnaire faster and more accurate than the last.

Getting started

Launch Swif IQ for your team

For detailed step-by-step instructions on using and accessing Swif IQ, please visit Swif IQ.

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