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Remote Desktop

Securely Access Company Devices Remotely

Effortlessly connect to devices, assign policies, and launch the remote desktop viewer—all inside Swif. Take charge of remote troubleshooting, ensuring efficient support whether end users are present or not.

Troubleshoot Remotely

Secure Remote Support

Connect seamlessly to both company-owned and BYOD devices directly from Swif, ensuring a secure and efficient troubleshooting experience.


In-Session Capabilities

Experience a suite of in-session features, including file transfer, audio chat, and more, empowering you with a comprehensive set of tools for effective remote support.

Cross Platform

MacOS and Windows support

Enjoy the flexibility of remote access for both MacOS and Windows devices, conveniently accessible within Swif

Getting started

Launch Remote Desktop for your team

For detailed step-by-step instructions on launching and using Remote Desktop, please visit our Help Center.

Gateway to Seamless Remote Control and Support

Efficiency Boost

Resolve issues with your team swiftly, minimizing downtime and optimizing operational efficiency.

Ease of Use

Initiate remote access sessions with a single click within the Swif platform, streamlining the entire support process.

Cost Savings

Say goodbye to on-site support costs. With Swif and Splashtop, reduce the need for on-site maintenance, saving valuable time and resources.

Press Release

Splashtop and Swif Join Forces to Simplify Device Management

Focused on fortifying the security of SMBs and large enterprises, this partnership paves the way for a simplified...

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