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Compliance Dashboard

Empower Your Security Posture With Comprehensive Compliance Dashboard

Understand your device compliance at a glance, uncover specific areas where controls are missing, and assess how well your security measures are working.


Real-Time Compliance Overview

Instantly understand your organization’s security stance with a clear, concise display showing the percentage of non-compliant devices and a detailed breakdown of compliance metrics. Know at a glance how many devices are falling short and the specific areas where attention is needed.


Detailed Control Insights

Dive deep into compliance specifics with granular data on missing controls across your devices. From auto-applying patches to enforcing hard disk encryption and password validation, the dashboard pinpoints exactly where your vulnerabilities lie, enabling targeted security enhancements.


Compliance Control Effectiveness

Measure the effectiveness of your security policies with compliance percentage for each control. Identify which security measures are most and least implemented across your organization, allowing you to prioritize improvements and strengthen your defense against threats.

Getting started

Launch Compliance Dashboard for your team

For detailed step-by-step instructions on using and accessing Compliance Dashboard, please visit Compliance Dashboard.

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