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AI-powered tool to supercharge your device security and compliance

Unified device management

To tackle this problem, we built a cross-platform Mac, Windows, and Linux device management that can deploy policies and control in a minute

Automated enrollment

With Swif, you can manage purchases and enroll new devices in one place by integrating your Apple business manager or Microsoft Autopilot to automate enrollment on newly purchased devices

Automated control

You can set up smart groups to group devices by labels, users, or locations. Any new devices added to the group will automatically have the policy and software installed on that device


Data can be automatically collected and sent to compliance automation platforms like Vanta or Drata for the auditing process


Remotely lock and wipe, revoke access to company apps, retrieve devices, and store them in our secure warehouses or send them back to HQ—ready to be shipped to the new hire

Smart alerts

Smart alerts inform you about your compliance and policy installation status on devices and receive alerts in your email

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