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Swif Chrome Extension

Swif Chrome Extension is launching soon

Managing access to SaaS web applications just got easier with our Chrome extension. Say goodbye to the hassle of toggling between screens to record access changes. Join our waitlist to gain early access.

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Sync User

Automatically Sync employees

Swif Google Chrome extension automatically captures and retrieves employee access lists, making reporting a breeze and saving you time.

Hassle Free

Seamless access management

With Swif Chrome extension, instantly manage employee access and permission across various SaaS web app without switching platforms.

Swif Chrome extension is launching soon!

Join our waitlist to gain early access

Access Management

Swif supports over 100 apps to track granting and revoking user access

Use Swif for free

Use Swif for free if you have up to 5 employees. Get a custom quote based on your company's size.